How HR is Utilizing AI in 2024

How HR Execs Are Already Using AI and Preparing Their Organizations for Broader Adoption In HRchat episode 681, David Creelman and I speak with Jonathan Bergdahl, Rachel Wong and Vimal Sharma. In this discussion, we gain practical insights from those who are leading the way and supporting their organizations, from the starting line, and discuss […]

How AI is Driving Innovation in HR Products and Departments

AI and HR

In the 5th episode of the special AI-focused mini-series, guest hosts Pauline James and David Creelman talk with entrepreneurs in the HR Tech marketplace. This discussion is focussed on practical use cases for AI and offers up insights from four experts – Boyd Reid, Fuad Miah, Mike Hall, Ania Garczyńska and Shingai Manjengwa – to discuss how AI is driving innovation in HR products and departments. […]

Avi Goldfarb: AI in the Workplace

Artificial Intelligence and HR

In the first of a special mini-series focused on AI in the workplace, David Creelman and I consider how AI is impacting the workplace. Joining us on the HRchat podcast is Avi Goldfarb, the Rotman Chair in Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare and a professor of marketing at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. Avi […]

Michael H. McInerney: Shaping the Future of Business

In HRchat episode 597, we ask: “What does the organization of the future look like?” Joining guest host Pauline James on the show is Michael H. McInerney, President at Executive and Board Services Consulting Group. Navigating the Evolving Marketplace and Designing the Organization of the Future In the ever-changing landscape of business, HR leaders face the challenge of […]

Workplace Collaboration and Customer-Focused Culture

customer-focused culture

For a customer-focused culture, make collaboration unavoidable We all want an organization that’s agile and has an established customer-focused culture. A workplace where all employees feel supported with a laser focus on improving the customer experience. Certainly, “it all starts at the top” so we should focus on investments in leadership development. Yet top heavy […]