AI and HR

In the 5th episode of the special AI-focused mini-series, guest hosts Pauline James and David Creelman talk with entrepreneurs in the HR Tech marketplace. This discussion is focussed on practical use cases for AI and offers up insights from four experts – Boyd ReidFuad MiahMike HallAnia Garczyńska and Shingai Manjengwa – to discuss how AI is driving innovation in HR products and departments.

Listen to the HRchat Podcast

Tune in and Discover:

  • How can we leverage AI to optimize the employee experience, including employee commutes?
  • What are the key considerations for an HR department that is considering building their own AI-based application or tools?
  • How can AI contribute to optimizing HR initiatives, such as recruitment, and enhancing team engagement and collaboration?
  • How can organizations harness AI effectively while maintaining our ethical standards?

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