Dr. Guy Lubitsh: A Leader’s Guide to Collaboration


In HRchat episode 683, we consider coaching and assisting senior executives on how to improve organizational performance by increasing their ability to develop personal impact and connect with others on individual, team, and organizational levels. My guest this time is Dr. Guy Lubitsh, a Chartered Organisational Psychologist with a sizeable track record working in the […]

Dani Saadu: Transformative Workplace Learning

HRchat Podcast with Dani Saadu

In HRchat episode 682,  Dani Saadu, Head of People and Culture at Wavemaker unlocks the secrets to transformative workplace learning. Listen as Dani dissects the value of in-person training and its impact on organizational success and discuss the nuances of employee development. Dani – co-author of the new book, The CAPEX Formula for Learning and Performance: […]

How HR is Utilizing AI in 2024

How HR Execs Are Already Using AI and Preparing Their Organizations for Broader Adoption In HRchat episode 681, David Creelman and I speak with Jonathan Bergdahl, Rachel Wong and Vimal Sharma. In this discussion, we gain practical insights from those who are leading the way and supporting their organizations, from the starting line, and discuss […]

Holly Nowak: Compliance and the Return of DisruptHR Buffalo

DisruptHR Buffalo

In HRchat episode 680, we talk about navigating wage and hour compliance. Listen too as we discuss the relaunch of Disrupt Buffalo in April 2024. The guest today is Buffalo, NY-based Holly Nowak, President at HMN Resources, LLC. Holly is a Human Resources Business Advisor with 20 years of professional experience including multi-state, multi-location, start-up human […]

Kim Crowder: Courageous Leadership

Embracing Strength, Vulnerability, and Boundaries for a Thriving Workplace In HRchat episode 679, we talk about the importance of boundaries plus we look at developing courageous, responsible, and intentional leadership. My guest today is Kim Crowder, Founder and CEO at Kim Crowder Consulting and writer with SHRM. In a world where the line between strength […]

Professor Sir Cary Cooper: 4 Day Work Week

employees and HR

In the second half of a special two-part episode featuring Professor Sir Cary Cooper, CBE, we discuss the four-day working week and how organizations are coping with the challenges of low growth, energy insecurity, and higher levels of long-term sickness due to stress. Professor Sir Cary is the 50th Anniversary Prof of Organizational Psychology & Health […]

How AI is Driving Innovation in HR Products and Departments

AI and HR

In the 5th episode of the special AI-focused mini-series, guest hosts Pauline James and David Creelman talk with entrepreneurs in the HR Tech marketplace. This discussion is focussed on practical use cases for AI and offers up insights from four experts – Boyd Reid, Fuad Miah, Mike Hall, Ania Garczyńska and Shingai Manjengwa – to discuss how AI is driving innovation in HR products and departments. […]

Aaron Backman: Employer Branding Strategies

In this episode of the HRchat Podcast, Keirsten Greggs interviews Aaron Backman, a passionate advocate within the people and talent community. Listen as they discuss employer branding strategies. Aaron provides a comprehensive definition of employer branding, emphasizing the importance of understanding an organization’s unique DNA and translating it into clear, consistent messaging to attract and engage talent. […]

Professor Sir Cary Cooper: Presenteeism and Strategies for Enhancing Wellbeing


In part one of a special two-part episode of the HRchat Podcast with guest Professor Sir Cary Cooper, we focus on measuring presenteeism, optimizing productivity, and fostering a culture of employee health and wellbeing. Professor Sir Cary Cooper, CBE is the 50th Anniversary Prof of Organizational Psychology & Health at Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, […]