HRchat Podcast with Dani Saadu

In HRchat episode 682Dani Saadu, Head of People and Culture at Wavemaker unlocks the secrets to transformative workplace learning. Listen as Dani dissects the value of in-person training and its impact on organizational success and discuss the nuances of employee development.

Dani – co-author of the new book, The CAPEX Formula for Learning and Performance: Mega-trends driving the new world of work, learning, skills, and HR- also unpacks how face-to-face interactions foster trust and rapport, which are foundational for performance.

Listen to the HRchat Podcast

Questions for Dani include:

  • How has hybrid working impacted and changed the ways we learn?
  • Give us an overview of your new book, CAPEX Formula for Learning and Performance
  • What are the best ways to demonstrate the ROI of L&D initiatives?
  • How are machine learning and AI impacting the learning space?
  • You are speaking at Disrupt London on March 20. Tell us about your session.

More About Dani

Dani reports into the COO to execute the Global Wavemaker and GroupM UK People strategies, working closely with EXCO and the leadership team. Dani sits on the London Advisory Group to support Common Purpose with their London initiatives on future Leadership programs for early career talent and sustainability programs.

Prior to joining Wavemaker Dani held numerous senior roles spanning People, Talent, and Culture. He has worked across the private and public sectors.


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