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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that Gen Z will make up a third of the workforce by 2030 – and they’re bringing their ideals with them.

According to findings from Monster, 83 percent of Gen Z candidates say a company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is important when choosing an employer. Businesses must acknowledge these ideals and adapt to reach Gen Z workers if they wish to attract, hire and retain the best talent. One way companies can do this is by offering robust CSR programs, which provide corporations a license to operate in value-driven ways.

In this HRchat episode, we hear from Sam Caplan, Vice President of Social Impact at Submittable, the social impact platform used by teams to make better decisions and maximize their CSR efforts. Sam is a tech industry leader with 20 years of experience building large-scale philanthropic programs for organizations such as the Walton Family Foundation and Walmart Foundation.

Listen as Sam discusses how CSR programs allow businesses to express and promote their values to prospective employees and customers.

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Questions for Sam include:

  • How do you see the role of Gen Z evolving in the workforce, and what key ideals do they bring with them that businesses need to acknowledge?
  • How can businesses effectively demonstrate and integrate DEI values into their corporate culture to appeal to this demographic?
  • As the Vice President of Social Impact at Submittable, could you provide examples of how CSR programs contribute to making better decisions and maximizing social impact within teams?
  • How can companies ensure that their CSR programs are not just seen as a checkbox but are genuinely aligned with their values and contribute meaningfully to social impact?
  • As the landscape of social impact and CSR continues to evolve, what emerging trends or strategies do you foresee that will be crucial for businesses to stay relevant and appealing to the values of the upcoming workforce, particularly Gen Z?


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